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meet the doula

Kaelie Harris

As a doula, it is my goal to support families in achieving positive birth experiences. I am a certified birth and bereavement doula, trained Hypnobabies® doula and placenta encapsulation specialist serving Huntsville and the surrounding areas.


As your doula, I will support and guide you during your pregnancy and birth, assist you in developing a birth plan that feels best for you, give you access to my lending library and resources, as well as help you advocate for the birth you want.


My journey to becoming a doula was born out of my own pregnancy and birth experiences. I am a mother to two children, a daughter born via cesarean birth in 2015 and a son born via VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) in 2017. It was after my c section that my interest in birth education and alternative birthing methods developed. When I learned I was pregnant with my son, I determined to VBAC for my second pregnancy. Knowing I may have some roadblocks on my journey to VBAC, I hired a doula to guide me through pregnancy and birth and empower me to advocate for myself. Having someone in my corner to give me resources as well as emotional support through out pregnancy made all the difference in my experience. 


Knowing firsthand how important it is to have support and resources throughout such a transformative time in your life, I strive to be a source of strength, knowledge, and empowerment as your doula on your journey to motherhood.

I am a proud member of Mama Circle Huntsville, a group of amazing birth workers creating a supportive community in Huntsville, AL. 


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