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How Can a Doula Help You?

Kaelie Harris- Doula, Huntsville, AL

Many people ask me how a doula can help them through birth and delivery. The short answer is by providing educational, physical, and emotional support. Doulas are trained to help their clients figure out what they need and provide support in that way. Some clients want a lot of hands on physical support and I have had clients that do not want to be touched at all but want to be reminded how strong they are and that they can do hard things.

I help my clients figure out the birth that they want and how to achieve that goal. I work with them on their birth plan and provide evidence based resources to help them research their options. During labor and delivery, I help them remember that birth plan.

I am also there to support the partner. Because the partner is becoming a parent too, it can be an emotional and sometimes stressful time. I help by allowing them to rest, eat, or take a break. I also help them prepare for labor and birth, so that they can focus on their partner and being in the moment.

I offer a free consultation, so please contact me to see if I would be a good fit for your family!

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