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Essential Oils in Birth: Orange Oil

Updated: May 3, 2019

Kaelie Harris • Doula • Huntsville, AL

doula huntsville, al

Orange oil is one of my all time favorite essential oils. I love the way it smells and it gives me a wonderful happy energy. It has an amazing uplifting, sunny scent and boosts my mood and productivity. I use orange oil when I need to be productive or if I am feeling down and unmotivated. The botanical name for orange oil is Citrus sinensis. I also use orange oil if i need an immune system boost.

Orange oil is amazing for labor because it promotes happiness and increased energy. It is great to use to uplift the mom in labor and help her overcome her fears, while giving her the energy she needs while in labor. It can also be helpful for the birth partner in long labors, helping them to feel refreshed and energized when the mother most needs them.

This oil is also an antispasmodic, so it can help to streamline the contractions and stop the extra spasms that can occur in an irritable uterus. Orange oil can help to relieve anxiety and tension. It is an antibacterial, so it is good for cleaning the birth space and purifying the air. It can also help block pain sensors, helping the mother deal with pain in a more positive way.

I would not use this oil at transition because it can be too stimulating, but it is wonderful for active labor to help the mom achieve a happy, calm focus. It is not recommended to apply topically in labor because it can be a skin irritant. This oil is also sensitive to UV rays, so avoiding the sun during and after use is important. I would recommend this oil to women that have anxiety about their birth.

Always check with your care provider before using any medications- including essential oils- during pregnancy, postpartum, or for baby. Sources:

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