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Water Labor- How Can it Help?

Kaelie Harris • Doula, Huntsville, AL

water labor Huntsville al

One of my favorite things as a doula is seeing how hydrotherapy (or water labor), helps my clients throughout labor. Both Crestwood and Madison Hospitals will allow me to bring in and set the tub up in your L&D room. The tub is deep enough for you to be submerged and creates a private, relaxing atmosphere for labor.

How does hydrotherapy help with pains of labor?

• The water creates buoyancy and can help relieve some of the pressure of baby pushing down on the pelvic floor.

• The buoyancy created by the water also helps you find and stay in more comfortable positions to deal with contractions.

• Warm water is soothing and can help with pain relief as well as help you relax more fully between contractions.

• The deep water and high wall of the tub gives you privacy to labor in the way that you choose.

• Studies have shown increased birth satisfaction, increased pain relief, enhanced relaxation, and increased endorphin release.

To further read the studies associated with water labor, please see Evidence Based Birth's article:

To discuss my water labor options, please contact me.

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